Flash Marine 80%

The Flash Marine is a distinctive dart, composed of 80% tungsten, offering a unique curve at the end of the barrel, integrated with phantom and ringed grip. This specialized design provides an enhanced grip and a refined throwing experience, making it a notable choice for players who value precision and control in their game. These darts come with McKicks Lightning Slim Blue Medium shafts and clear blue lightning dart flights, adding to their aesthetic appeal.

Available in three different weights and dimensions: 22 grams, measuring 47.90 mm in length and 7.10 mm in diameter; 24 grams, also with a length of 47.90 mm and a diameter of 7.10 mm; and 26 grams, with a length of 48.00 mm and a diameter of 7.35 mm. This variety enables players to choose the dart that best aligns with their preferences and playing style, allowing for a customized playing experience.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a recreational player, the Flash Marine 80% tungsten series stands out due to its unique design and high-quality material, promising an exceptional darting experience. The intricate design and elegant appearance make them a preferred choice for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and optimal performance in the world of darts.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
22 grams 48 millimetres 7.1 millimetres
24 grams 48 millimetres 7.1 millimetres
26 grams 48 millimetres 7.4 millimetres
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