Mighty Grip 90%

The steeltip McKicks darts – Mighty Grip, made of 90% tungsten, feature a slender, straight barrel, designed with coarse rings to offer enhanced grip to the players. This meticulous design ensures players can have superior control and stability while aiming and throwing, making them an ideal choice for players who prioritize precision and grip in their game.

Available in three different weights and sizes: 21 grams, measuring 52.30 mm in length and 6.35 mm in diameter; 23 grams, measuring 52.30 mm in length and 6.20 mm in diameter; and 25 grams, measuring 54.10 mm in length and 6.35 mm in diameter. This variety allows players to choose the dart that best suits their preferences and playing style, offering adaptability and customization in their game.

Whether for seasoned darts enthusiasts or those new to the game, the Mighty Grip 90% Tungsten series offers a balance of sleek design and functional superiority. These darts are crafted for those who seek excellence and precision in every throw, providing an enhanced playing experience by combining aesthetic appeal with high-quality performance.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
21 grams 52 millimetres 6.4 millimetres
23 grams 52 millimetres 6.2 millimetres
25 grams 54 millimetres 6.4 millimetres
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